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whitetruffle-sample-candidate-email-introThere’s lots new in recruiting and human resources companies, startups handling everything from college recruiting to talent communities to a better candidate experience. All below.

  • It’s not public yet, but I hear TalentCircles has signed its biggest client ever, a government-related organization.
  • A team out of Manila, Hong Kong, and France is working on a new system for managing and keeping in touch with applicants (features here and pricing here).
  • With a sort of “blue-collar LinkedIn,” photos of metalwork trump written explanations of candidates’ work history.
  • The site that matches MBA students/alumni with hourly projects raised money. So did Bright, $14 million.
  • Meanwhile, Interviewstreet is looking to raise some too. $20 million.
  • Nightclubs, bars, lounges, concerts, and festivals have a new source of candidates.
  • Whitetruffle we’ve mentioned before. It’s switching from beta to public and changing its business model today; the site will be free to post a limited number of jobs, and will cost $660 a month for higher volume or more “seats.” (Above right, click to enlarge, is an example of an email sent to both employers and candidates when they agree on a match; candidates are private prior). The CEO tells me the company has been responsible for hundreds of developer hires at startups like Eventbrite, and from what he can tell those hires are generally sticking around. Jerry Yang is one of the investors.
  • ERE’s Jeremy Roberts told me about the beta of CareerDean, where students can join communities to ask questions, meet friends, meet mentors, and meet recruiters.

Stay tuned: I’m talking to others, like a new recruiting technology startup readying a launch out of Toronto.

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3 Comments on “TalentCircles; CareerDean; Whitetruffle; WorkHands; rKruiter; HourlyNerd; Nightlife

  1. One thing I feel needs to be said is that most new recruiting startups are not solving the fundamental problem with the job industry. Instead of reworking the worn out method of job boards and one-sided job searching, employers and job seekers have to have a platform where there is two-way engagement. Linkedin is not the answer either, they will replicate these companies in the article. Except CareerDean has something more going on than posting jobs and searching. Looks like they have realized there is more to bridging the employment gap than just selling your resume. Is it just me or does the anonymous job search through Whitetruffle feel backwards?

  2. @Kevin M.
    I don’t think Linkedin will replicate them as much as advance on them. I agree that most recruiting sites are essentially job boards that feel outdated or unavailing, but to put them in such a low light and so bluntly is ill-judged. It is possible that they will be bought out or rise above other job boards which currently rake in heeps of money. Yes this does not solve the problem you pointed out, but hopefully one of them, as you said CareerDean, does prove to shine a new light on recruiting.

  3. @Connor Bullo That’s what I meant, if not just replicate, then of course making them better. Just because they make lots of money doesn’t mean they are solving the problem. Also being bought usually means another company was scared they’d get to become a reasonably sized competition, still not solving anything.

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