Chatter: A RealMatch for Interactive Applicants

An eHarmony of Recruiting?

RealMatch says keyword matching is so yesterday, so it’s out with a new profile-matching system that compares profiles of jobs with the profiles of candidates. While that seems potentially confusing, the company says it just means that the profile matching considers industry experience, title, and the skills that are associated with each job and each candidate along with their preferences.

What we like is how RealMatch’s interface lets anonymous candidates see jobs in real-time, while recruiters can see candidates filtered and ranked according to their suitability for the position, all in real-time and without any cost.

What we don’t like is how the company charges a fee when they want to reveal the contact information of the matching and interested candidate. On the other hand, RealMatch says its technology powers about 1,000 job sites, so a nominal fee may turn out to be money well spent.

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HireVue Competitor?

Todd talked with Calgary-based Darryn Severyn, the CEO of InterActive Applicant (it’ll be at this link, but don’t expect much now beyond a construction site). Severyn hopes to launch in the next couple of months, marketing to a Canadian audience, and to the United States by year’s end.

InterActive will be a video-and-audio-interviewing competitor to HireVue, though Severyn says he’ll add features in 2009 that will differentiate his product. Also in this genre: and

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7 Comments on “Chatter: A RealMatch for Interactive Applicants

  1. Elaine – thank you for including HireVue in your story. I am very humbled by your headline. We are excited to see InterActive Applicant come into the industry and join us. Video in the hiring process is becoming more and more common and it is great to see it blossom outside the U.S.


    Mark Newman
    CEO, HireVue

  2. Elaine, thanks for covering Realmatch. I dont blame for not liking the pay part, no one likes that part about our site or any other. We already know that the total price in terms of time and dollars spent is exponentially lower then through other popular solutions as we have tested it. Anyone who asks will also get a few free resume openings from me so they can try it. Again, thanks for the coverage!

  3. Isn’t that the JobFox line? Anyone who doesn’t like the pricing is always welcome at my site 🙂

    Paul Pickthorne
    Chief Free Officer – 100% Free Job Board

  4. Its not very nice to bash other people, their ideas or their products. What if someone wanted to pick apart your product? People can decide for themselves what works for them and what doesnt. be nice.

  5. This was founded by the same guy that founded management recruiters International. He is using the offline model online.

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