Chatter: Employment Branding Blog, Job-Hungry Boomers, and Recruiting Confessions

Tales from digital branding…

There’s some new insight about employer branding in the digital world, with Tales From the Digital Side recapping the various trends and strategies companies are trying.

Laura Shanon, VP of Interactive Sourcing/Media and Strategy at Bernard Hodes Group, is the face behind this new blog.

Her impetus for creating the site was her desire to join the “discussions that are taking place on interactive recruitment. I’ve had a lot of experience helping clients take advantage of this medium, using the best solutions for recruitment to increase return on investment.”

She says she will be posting about search engine optimization, virtual recruitment, mobile marketing, bluecasting, podcasting, relationship marketing, digital metrics and analytics, and much more.

Boomer site nets $22 million financing…

Eons, the 50-plus media company for “loving life on the flipside of 50” scored $22 million in series B financing recently.

The company says the financing will fuel Eons‘ accelerating growth as it “continues to inspire boomers to see, learn, and be more on the way to the reachable goal of living to 100.”

Jeff Taylor, the founder of, started this new Boston-based company.

Taylor explains that his company is not only changing the way that boomers connect with each other, but also how corporate America reaches this desirable demographic.

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For example, on the “Careers for Boomers & 50-Plus” message board, recruiters can find numerous career-hungry workers looking for advice. The message board features assorted boomer professionals asking about work for the 65-plus crowd, general networking tips, and much more.

Confessions from college recruiting…

Troy Behrens, executive director of the Hegi Family Career Development Center at Southern Methodist University, has shared the secrets of what recruiters think about while traveling to various college recruiting tours.

He says he has decided to share these secrets because he hopes it will help to prepare students or alumni for future fairs.

Behrens says the “worst question” students ask at fairs is, “So what does your company do?” He says this question shows a lack of research and focus.

“On the flip side, imagine how elated I am when a student says, ‘I learned that your company has a widget manufacturing operation in Canada. I am from Toronto; can you tell me how I might use my degree in manufacturing operations in a program such as yours?’ “

Interested in reading more confessions from the recruiter’s perspective, including stories from pre-event, during the event, and post-event? The Dallas-based university lists all of Behrens’ “secrets” online, along with seven lessons students should stick to when heading to their next job fair.

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