Chatter: Fetch a Qualified JobScore?

Challenging the Google Gods…

The new Fetch Footprint is promising recruiters “deep Web extraction technologies,” which is a really fancy way of saying the company will scour public-data sources and lurk on social/professional networking sites to gather information.

The company’s president, ex-ADP exec Jerry Thurber, says Footprint is designed to intelligently parse data relevant to hiring decisions.

In addition to vetting corporate employment candidates, the Fetch folks also can help with background checking, applicant tracking, and job fit assessments.

Stamping Qualified on Sales Candidates…

Go-To-Market Strategies, a sales and marketing online community with claims of about 150,000 users, has a new niche job board, promising recruiters access to “qualified” sales and marketing professionals.

One-part gimmicky, one-part unique, the process allows applicants who both meet the hiring company’s qualifications and successfully pass Go-To-Market Strategies’ prescreening process to be stamped “Qualified.”

Because it does not blindly post jobs found across the Internet, the company says its members can trust the job board to find the best employers.

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Despite it being free for employers to post their sales and marketing positions, the site is still pretty bare in the postings department.

If you visit, the site requires that each job include salary expectations. The website will also verify each week that the position is being actively recruited by the employer.

Learning to Share…

A new sourcing cooperative, JobScore is getting a lot of buzz because it allows recruiters to build a candidate pipeline and swap “war stories” with other companies over certain candidates and their resumes.

We like that the “JobScore SHARE plan” lets recruiters share resumes to earn credits, then contact as many candidates as they share for free. But the JobScore SUBSCRIBE plan doesn’t allow sharing of resumes, so you pay a monthly subscription fee.

While you can use JobScore as your applicant tracking system, the company says its focus is on sourcing candidates and cooperative recruiting, not applicant tracking. But if you already use an ATS, you can still use JobScore by running your sourcing through JobScore, exporting the resumes from JobScore, then importing them into your ATS.

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  1. Of course, with Fetch there is a serious problem with confusing one person with another, of “poisoning the well” by pretending to be someone else when commenting, and even creating fake profiles and comments to ruin someone. Since Fetch reports what they find to the company, not the individual, there is no individual protection from fraud, libel, or defamation. On top of everything else, services like Fetch could make discrimination lawsuits practically impossible, since alternative reasons for any negative action can be planted and then “discovered” by Fetch and other tools.

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