Chatter: Recruiting Comedy Contest, Business 2.0, and McCareers

The Funnier Side of Staffing…

Think you’ve got the chops to make a hilarious video about a staffing or recruiting situation? If so, Pointwing developer VCG, Inc. has the creative outlet for you.

The recruiting and staffing software developer just announced a call for entries for its YouTube “Staffing and Recruiting Comedy Sketches” contest.

Prizes include $1,000 for first prize, $500 for second prize, and $250 for third prize. The videos should be creative, original, and no longer than two minutes.

Winning videos will be posted on and also will be featured at ASA’s Staffing World in San Antonio next month.

For official contest rules and to submit your video entry, go to “Staffing and Recruiting Comedy” Sketches Video Contest. All entries must be received by October 1.

The Sadder Side of Business…

Monthly magazine Business 2.0 is shutting down after its October issue, and 10 editorial staff members will join sister publication Fortune to bring added technology, conference business, and new economy insights.

The publication suffered from a decline in advertising revenue, even with a healthy circulation list of 600,000 subscribers.

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Publisher Time, Inc. opted to close the magazine, despite interest from competing publishers and investors looking to acquire the Business 2.0 brand.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being heartbroken. That said, we had a terrific team here and learned a lot. A bunch of us are going on to Fortune, where we’ll have an even bigger platform to carry on the good fight,” said editor Joshua Quittner.

And a Side of Two All-Beef Patties, Special Sauce on Facebook…

McDonald’s is using social networking to get Facebook users to consider employment opportunities. The company’s vice president of HR for the United States, Danitra Barnett, has a Facebook news feed that says she helps “shape the careers of more than 100,000 people. Take a guess who I work for.”

When users click on Barnett’s Facebook profile, she writes about how much she loves working at McDonald’s. Loyal to Ronald McDonald as an employer since her teen years, she gushes that she has “ketchup in my veins” and has worked in McDonald’s human resources for the past 17 years. She reminds fellow Facebook readers that her company employs people in “hundreds of different fields as diverse as law, information sciences, engineering, marketing and communications, and lots more.”

Blogger Riveting Rosie points out that when you click her page, “it takes you directly to the McDonald’s Career Search page. Interesting to see how an employer is using FB to try and get people excited for working at McDonald’s.”

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