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A Cook, Psychologist, and Nurse All in One…’s 7th annual Mom Salary Survey found that if mothers were compensated fairly for the actual hours logged “on the job” as a caretaker, stay-at-home moms would earn $138,095 and working moms would earn $85,939 per year. took the national median salary for 10 positions, including housekeeper, cook and janitor, to calculate the hypothetical salary.

Overtime hours padded the salary, since most stay-at-home moms spend an average of 92 hours a week working.

Working moms logged an average of 49 hours beyond their full-time paying jobs, according to the survey.

At some point, many stay-at-home moms will seek to re-enter the workforce. found that over 95% of employers do hire former stay-at-home moms and over 80% are actively recruiting moms re-entering the workforce.

Evaluating Compensation Data in Real Time…

PayScale and Spectrum Human Resource Systems have teamed up, integrating PayScale’s compensation data into its iVantage product.

The companies say the combined solution will enable HR professionals to compare their company’s job bands against current, real-time market salary data.

PayScale Professional is a compensation data service for HR professionals and hiring managers.

Spectrum, which provides HR information systems, serves nearly 5,000 public and private sector companies throughout the United States and internationally.

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Fair Pay and Benefits to Our Veterans…

The Military Advantage: A Comprehensive Guide to Your Military and Veterans Benefits is helpful reading for both veterans and recruiting and staffing professionals, particularly if you’ve ever wondered how to help these skilled workers returning to the civilian workforce. (a subsidiary of Monster Worldwide) just released the 2007 edition of the guide, which helps veterans access scholarships, educational benefits, military discounts, healthcare, and transition assistance says 35% of veterans miss out on benefits they’ve earned, such as healthcare and money for education.

The book’s “Pay Advantage” section navigates the military pay system with up-to-date pay charts, basic pay and allowances, reserve pay, and retired pay.

The “Career Advantage” features tips on professional development, deployment and mobilization, and relocation.

In addition, the “Transition Advantage” counsels on leaving the military, retirement preparation, career counseling, and veteran employment resources.

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