Chatter: Signing Bonuses Way Up

  • TheLadders’ new ad campaign plays up the site’s exclusiveness, while trying not to seem elitist.
  • The National Association of Colleges and Employers says 54% of employers are offering bonuses to potential hires, up from 47% a year ago. The amounts are up, too: among employers that will offer bonuses to all college hires, the average bonus is up 25% to $4,450.
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  • Turnover at at least one trucking company is running 100-140%.
  • An interesting contrast.
  • United Airlines has renewed its Spherion RPO contract to 2010.
  • CFO magazine is giving advice to people about working with headhunters.


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  1. With the housing market as it is, what are companies doing differently regarding relocation agreements and in particular with the new hires’ or transferring employee’s house? I have read articles on both sides of the fence from “buy the house so the new employee can focus on the job” to “don’t buy the house as it puts the company in challenging situations”. Any comments?

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