Chatter: Video Confessions, Career Cruising, and Arbita’s New Threads

Video Letters to the Editor…

If you thought video resumes were a scary idea, brace yourself. The New York Times has posted its first-ever video “letter to the editor” by filmmaker Charles Ferguson.

The video responds to a recent (text) op-ed by L. Paul Bremer, the former head of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq from 2003 to 2004.

In his 10-minute video letter, the director of the documentary No End In Sight offers his opinion that Bremer potentially misled readers in his op-ed piece.

Editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal told Editor & Publisher that video letters are “an amazing use of the Internet. This is what the Internet is all about.”

When asked whether this might prompt the use of similar video letters, Rosenthal said, “If it does, great.”

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match…

If your company wants to take a break from traditional assessments, here’s a fun way to test a unique guidance system for potential candidates. Over at, users can take a ‘matchmaker’ quiz to determine which professions are best suited for their interests. (The site offers a free trial for hiring pros.)

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Career Cruising, which offers online career guidance resources, is currently used by over 8,000 institutions across North America, including schools, employment agencies, libraries, colleges, and universities.

As Recruitment Advertising Turns…

Arbita and JobThread have formed a new job posting and media solutions relationship.

The companies say employer visibility and the quality selection of candidates form the core of this relationship. Minneapolis-based Arbita‘s job advertising distribution system featuring JobThreadTools and Networks will provide Arbita’s corporate clients with job sites, referrals, email newsletters, RSS, and access to JobThread’s Extended Network.

JobThread says it wants to simplify the market, with a goal of making it easy for companies to reach highly targeted, niche audiences.

“JobThread’s capacity to deliver narrowly targeted advertising messages in venues that deliver ‘trusted content’ will be invaluable to our corporate clients. We’re delighted to contribute to JobThread’s success and enthused about the extraordinary potential of this partnership,” Arbita CEO Don Ramer said in a release.

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