Circus Freaks, Band, Beer Coming to Texas Recruiting Event

We’d argue that calling this event a job fair is like calling a wedding a wake.

That’s what organizers are saying about an April 21 recruiting-networking party this month aimed at drawing mainly tech-oriented talent to companies in north Texas.

Forty companies are expected at the “Roundup,” which features two hours of recruiting followed by two hours of socializing, including an appearance by the “Circus Freaks” as well as a live band. It was created because some area recruiters felt like people didn’t realize how many jobs were open in north Texas, particularly at startups.

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Organizers say they need RSVPs, because with hundreds of people expected, they’ll need to order enough food and drinks for all. Some of the open jobs include developers, UI experts, designers, project managers, sales, marketing, and business development.


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  1. Thanks, Todd.
    Hot Damn- it sounds like fun. One thing though, Todd:
    Are the “Circus Freaks” the candidates, the hiring managers, or the recruiters?


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