Clear Channel Running Big Campaign About Hiring Veterans

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 11.09.33 AMThe big media company Clear Channel is running a public-service-announcement campaign related to the hiring of military veterans.

The campaign, valued at about $75 million according to Clear Channel, will run on radio, online and elsewhere (the company’s also involved in billboard ads). It’ll direct people, whether businesses or veteran job-seekers, to the Show Your Stripes website. and (a subsidiary of Monster) are partners in that site.

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Clear Channel is getting some big celebs to help record the public service announcements, including Elton John.


4 Comments on “Clear Channel Running Big Campaign About Hiring Veterans

  1. Thanks, Todd. This is helpful.
    Wouldn’t it be more helpful for CC to commit to hiring at least 100 vets/year to $40-$60k/yr, benefited, FT jobs? If each of the Fortune 500 committed to do that, it would be 50,000 vets/yr hired to decent jobs. Don’t they deserve that level of support?


  2. Thanks, Lauren. A good start for Walmart. Would they pledge to hire at least 100,000 vets by 2018 for FT, full-benefitted, jobs that pay $40-60k/yr? (
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    Walmart spokesman Randy Hargrove called PayScale’s calculation “inflated” in a statement provided to The Huffington Post on Friday.

    “His [Duke’s] fiscal 2012 base salary of $1.26 million is less than 7 percent of his total compensation and he will only earn a significant majority of his overall compensation package if the company meets performance goals aligned with shareholder value and our key financial priorities – growth, leverage and returns,” Hargrove wrote. “The fact is we offer unprecedented opportunity for associate advancement and we give our associates the chance to share in the company’s success.”

    Check out how Walmart’s CEO-to-worker pay ratio compares to some of America’s other best-known companies, according to PayScale:)

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