College Recruiters Now Can Use Piazza’s Fast-growing Platform

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 3.05.07 PMI know you don’t need any proof that everyone wants a piece of the recruiting business.

And you may have already read in today’s Inc about new companies like Prophecy Sciences, Kalibrr, and Pymetrics, recruiting-technology outfits in the screening-assessment-gamification field.

But you may not have heard about Piazza.

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Piazza’s site connects students with professors. It’s being used by profs at big-name schools for teaching, q-and-a with students, and tests.

With the new Piazza Careers section, the company says you can put up a profile like Yelp and SpaceX have. For much more money, like $4,000-ish, you can use the site to promote on- and off-campus events, and get the right students there using suggested Piazza profiles. For more like $20,000-ish, you can search the database and connect to students with advanced filters. Piazza says this is for those who are “mavericks with bold and ambitious hiring goals looking to disrupt how university recruiting is done.”


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