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This is a fun topic. I started to address some comments on Network Shmetwork as another comment but decided to make it a post. I really believe it is worthwhile to pick at this a bit so people understand this is NOT a complaint about LinkedIn as a data source.

Dear Interested Third, Tom and Dennis:
Let me be clear…for myself, and I believe Jeff as well… LinkedIn is an incredibly rich data source. It is all the linking that is a sad waste of time. The same placements are in it regardless of whether one has professed love to a stranger or not. Bragging about numbers of contacts on LinkedIn makes people sound like the pitiful Penelope (Kristen Wiig) on Saturday Night Live who always knows one more person,makes one more dollar and is just slightly better while clearly being clueless. I’ll bet the way Interested Third Party embraces change includes a case of duct tape,a laser disc player, an Electrodex and a digital cassette player in the basement.
     And “You Know Me” I believe I do…Poor Steve Finkel has been ‘off’ on the internet for quite some time. Bless his heart, the theory behind Breakthrough is the best I have ever seen for setting up a ‘desk’ and then to deny it by saying the equivalent of “This must be a LOG cabin and using anything more than a handsaw,axes and chisels will not be tolerated.” is hilarious. As Jeff just said, All these tools need to be looked at and the good in them needs to be found. Some new tools are a complete waste (Spoke,Spock) but the way we get them (Internet) is not.
     The bottom line on LinkedIn, I think I finally have a way to describe it, is that a free dictionary is a great thing to have…a wonderful, valuable resource…but there is limited value in reading all of it,sections of it or anything but the word you need right now. And Steve Finkel saying that 10 seconds to type “Define: Luddite” vs several minutes to look it up in the 8 pound paper book is a bad thing still makes me wonder how he could say that every time I see or hear it. Maybe he’ll send me a telegram saying he’s over that now.  I must stop writing now. I need to go find a list of people who claim they have read all the Wikipedia so I can leverage their incredible knowledge.

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Dave Staats places top executives as well as implementation consultants with software companies. He also has made more placements in Artificial Intelligence than any other headhunter. His career began during the SDI (Star Wars) years and included placement of scientists in laser, stealth, and other high-tech fields. During a short hiatus from the recruiting industry in 1994 he obtained a Private Investigator's license which he keeps as a constant reminder that a headhunter is what he really is. Dave is on the Board of Directors of The Pinnacle Society and a founder of The Tennessee Recruiters Association. He has a BA from Western Illinois University. Dave also blogs at Truth, Justice & the American Way of Headhunting


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  1. To quote Mr. Dylan seems appropriate:

    Come mothers and fathers
    Throughout the land
    And don’t criticize
    What you can’t understand
    Your sons and your daughters
    Are beyond your command
    Your old road is
    Rapidly agin’.
    Please get out of the new one
    If you can’t lend your hand
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Do what you need to do, Dave, to remain comfortable in your skin. If you feel your way is best God bless you. But please stop whining about the new direction our profession is heading in. It’s getting embarrassing.

  2. Hey Dave! Just received the new phone book! Woo Hoo!

    Over 100,000 new connections! In ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When do the placements start rolling in?

  3. Ha! That was perfect until I realized you meant me and not you. It’s time to put your name on your work here. You should not use words like ‘whining’ while hiding behind the momma’s apron of anonymity. I can’t wait for new stuff to come out. I’d welcome a substantive rebuttal here. Please tell us how the LINKING on LinkedIn is the valuable part. Even Dylan’s another good example. Great artist to be sure. Wonderful poet etc etc. But when I point out that he can’t sing for sh*t (which is a crude way to make a pretty objective statement) will you then tell me I have no musical taste?

  4. Congrats You Know Me! The placements start right after you leave each one a voice mail welcoming them to the neighborhood according to ‘interested third party’.

  5. Actually – I just had a pretty good idea. How about I outsource the actual phone calling to one of these “unbundled” firms? Isn’t that what the big guys are doing now?

    There just has to be some other way to figure out which of my new network members wants a new job, right?

    Oops. Scratch that. I guess I really want the “passive” people, eh? Rumor has it that once someone wants a new job that means they’re “active”, right? And active is bad, isn’t it? I hear so many things from our industry’s thought leaders its getting hard to keep track…..I mean, our “profession’s” thought leaders.

    It use to be so much easier. Oh wait. It’s easier now. I think.

  6. Dave,
    Interesting how you don’t give You Know Me sh*t for “hiding behind his momma’s apron of anonymity”. Oh, yeah. He/she agrees with you. Thoughts?

  7. I know the other guy. We are now laughing at you offline as well. He has business reasons for needing to remain out of this by name. And he is not anonymous TO ME. So, yes, I would like to know who you are so I can see if you are a known idiot or a new one for my catalog. I don’t particularly care if you publicly attach yourself to your comments or not. Either way you should not return without some substance. I have to stop this and go make 6 million phone calls since I am not linked to them as friends already…

  8. You’ve strayed a wee bit off course, Dave. I sense your angry so until you wish to address my inquiry I’ll let you pout in peace.

  9. Please reiterate any inquiry you think is unanswered. And you sense my angry what? Or did you mean “you’re”. You remind me of someone else who ran out of bullets for her knife when she started a fight once…but you aren’t salting your nonsense with Inappropriately capitalized Words like She does. And if you aren’t her ,we can let that sleeping dog lie.

  10. Dear David Schmavid regarding Comments Schomments,

    Excellent point! Seriously, I agree with the “now” benefit that LinkedIn has to offer. I suppose the the folks that are highly connected on LinkedIn have been around for so long, I honestly don’t even think much about it anymore.

    However, I COMPLETELY agree with your thoughts about the benefit of LinkedIn to me. Whether I am connected to a person on LinkedIn or not, has no bearing on whether I can reach out and find them. If I need to contact them, I will. Connection or not. Too many recruiters have felt the only benefit they’d derive from LinkedIn lies in the number of connections. Your post helped remind us that this is not true.

    Thanks David

  11. I don’t speak for Bush…but it looks to me like you are unaware that there are various types of wikipedia now and that the term is plural making ‘the wikipedia’ correct in this case.
    Are you the guy in the FedEx commercial who wanted to send his package to Pu-ho-nix?

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