Companies May Be Unaware That Employees Are Ready to Leave

Employees who are thinking about quitting may actually seem quite happy, according to a new study by the CFO Executive Board.

Fifty-four percent of financial professionals intending to leave their jobs are satisfied or neutral about the jobs. And of high-performing employees eyeing the door, 53 percent of them say they’re satisfied as well.

Money, not surprisingly, is very important to financial employees. But the lack of it isn’t the biggest cause of their dissatisfaction, according to the study. Bigger problems: a lack of opportunity for a promotion, a poor manager, and a bad job fit.

The CFO Executive Board outlines four keys for employers wanting to retain top finance talent:

1. Look beyond money. Base pay can get someone to take a new job, but unhappiness with money isn’t the #1 reason people are unhappy at their current ones.

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2. Recognize the importance of having better managers. It’s not just about how well they increase productivity. Management — or the lack of it — affects the odds that an employee who’s a passive job seeker will become an active one.

3. Address “unmet career pathing expectations.” Sixty-eight percent of finance staff members who are planning on quitting are unhappy with promotion opportunities at their current jobs.

4. Align the employment value proposition with people’s preferences. The CFO Executive Board says, “Given that finance staff in different roles are motivated by different workplace attributes, when recruiting, CFOs must highlight multiple strengths in the offer. By tailoring job offers to recruits’ preferences, CFOs can create a more compelling finance employment value proposition, and improve the return on talent investments.”


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