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Looking for employees with specialized skills, but uncertain where to start? Before weeding through more resume banks on the Web, why not try the direct route — the point of origin, the colleges where your candidates’ training begins. College and university servers contain much more than just information about programs and undergraduate students at individual schools. Frequently, they yield a wealth of information including links to alumni organizations and resumes of qualified professionals. The best way to begin a search like this is to focus on a specific school. This is accomplished by examining your search criteria to first select a college or university to search. Seeking an engineer in the northeast? Use a source such as Petersons to locate a graduate school by degree in your specified region. A result from the preceding example is Dartmouth College’s Thayer School of Engineering. Although you could now go directly to Dartmouth College’s homepage and no doubt find a number of resources, many more may be buried within the site. An efficient way to uncover those resources is with a search engine such as AltaVista or Northern Light. Using a number of different search engines provides the best possible results as each search engine indexes a slightly different part of the Web. To use a search engine to examine a college server, you will need the server’s domain name. If you know the Web address of the college, just drop the http://www from the URL. In this case Dartmouth College’s Web address is The domain name is: To continue this example, choose AltaVista as your search engine. Go to the “Advanced Search” page. To search by degree try the following: In the “Boolean query” field enter AND engineering AND alum. This search takes you inside Dartmouth’s site to possible links to alumni in the engineering field. If you try this search for yourself, you will see it yields some quick results. The ninth page found offers a link to a graduate engineering student’s resume, complete with contact information. Although this student has yet to complete his degree, his resume shows he will graduate this spring and will likely be looking for employment. A similar search using Northern Light provides even more resume links. Although not all such searches are immediately as successful, most will provide you with a number of possibilities to explore.

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