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This last week I had a couple of good conversations with Dave Staats. Dave sent me an email early last week because he felt a real connection to the Fordyce Letter and he was interested in having his current blog located over at ERE moved over somehow to this site.

I loved the idea and we are going to get all of his past writing into the Fordyce Letter website. Dave will have his own link on this site and he will be featured as a regular contributor. Fantastic – We will all benefit.

Now, Dave is a real recruiter, he makes real money. I can say this with certainty because he is a member of the Pinnacle Society. You have to generate real money to get access. I think having someone like Dave contribute here will add an added dimension to the content.

Here are three posts Dave has written in the past.

I’d love some comments on this situation
More on TimeStamps vs ButFors
Nothing like a little humiliation

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I look forward to reading your upcoming thoughts and perspectives.

Dave and I had a discussion about being friends and I think I made him laugh so I guess we may very well be friends now or as they say in Jamaica, Soon Come. He will be at the Fordyce Forum in Las Vegas this June along with many other very successful recruiters looking to learn more and to share the knowledge.


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