Defense Department’s Recruiting Needing an Overhaul

The Defense Department in the U.S. just isn’t doing what it needs to in order to recruit and retain science, technology, engineering, and math employees.

That’s according to a new report from two private non-profits — the National Academy of Engineering and the National Research Council. The Defense Department itself sponsored the study.

The Defense Department’s recruiting “should be reviewed and overhauled as necessary,” the agencies say, including:

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  • Rethinking whether you really need a clearance for some STEM positions
  • Using employees’ skills better, and helping them grow in their careers better
  • Changing the “slow, impersonal, and sometimes opaque” hiring process

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3 Comments on “Defense Department’s Recruiting Needing an Overhaul

  1. While a security clearance is often necessary due to the nature of a role, the government could benefit from enhancing the process of obtaining a security clearance, for skilled professionals in the private sector looking to secure a position on a government contract.

  2. Though I don’t know much about the Department of Defense, the recommendations that were given to them sound like something many HR departments could take home. The hiring process is too often slow, impersonal, and opaque, not just at the DOD. A lot of this has to do with the candidate experience with the brand from day one. And I wonder what their process is really like… Thanks for sharing.

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