Deja Vu All Over Again

It’s only been six months since we took a look at DejaNews. But the Web changes quickly and the site has transformed itself. Now calling itself simply, its redesign offers something intriguing. With a feature called Deja Tracker, you can find out what new resumes have been posted – without returning to the site again and again. You can use Deja Tracker to tag a conversation, and it will send you email notification when there are new messages. Not bad, you say? Wait. There’s even more. Now, each newsgroup also has a discussion forum. This means you can subscribe to the newsgroup and get the conversation in individual, daily emails, daily summaries, or full-text digests. All you need to do is go to the Deja Tracker at register, add the forums you’re interested in, request them in email, and get ready for your mailbox to fill up. Another advantage? Deja uses a filter to keep the obnoxious advertisements out of the email. So, even though the last thing we need is another portal, Deja Tracker is a cool thing to use.

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