Dice Seeks IPO

Dice Holdings, parent of tech job board Dice.com, is going public.

The company has filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for a proposed initial public offering of up to $100 million in common stock.

The company says it will apply to list its common stock on the New York Stock Exchange.

The shares of common stock to be sold are expected to be offered by both Dice Holdings and stockholders. Current principal shareholders are affiliates of General Atlantic LLC and Quadrangle Group LLC.

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The company did not release more information on the number of shares or price range per share.

Dice Holdings operates the following websites and recruiting services:

  • Dice.com, for technology and engineering professionals in the United States.
  • eFinancialCareers.com, for capital markets and financial services professionals, based in the United Kingdom.
  • JobsintheMoney.com, for accounting and finance professionals in the United States.
  • ClearanceJobs.com, for professionals with active U.S. government security clearances.
  • CybermediaDice.com, a targeted vertical career website for technology professionals in India.
  • Targeted Job Fairs, open houses that are focused on technology and security-cleared candidates in the United States.

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1 Comment on “Dice Seeks IPO

  1. IPOs are an awesome way to raise capital . . . my only question as an investor is: What do you plan to do with that $100 Million USD you’re after?

    “Current principal shareholders are affiliates of General Atlantic LLC and Quadrangle Group LLC.”

    Guess who’s going to be getting pretty rich considering this goes through and there are ‘greater fools’ out there willing to pay the IPO price? It’s simple – the 2 LLCs’ above. So who says LLCs aren’t the way to generate serious wealth?

    For you finance quants out there, you already know that the cost of capital of equity is always much higher than that of the cost of debt because of the risk premium investors look for . . . so that being said, what is their WACC going to be a year after IPO? I’d love to see the analysis.

    P.S. I’m calling anyone a ‘fool’ – if you think I’m speaking in code, take a look at ‘Greater Fool Economic Theory’. This disclaimer is because I received an email from someone that thought I referred to them as a fool in a literal sense. Greater Fool theory says that something is not overpriced if I can find a greater fool to sell it to for more. That’s why tech stocks during the tech bubble could trade at 150x multiples – because the stock wasn’t overpriced if you could sell it to a greater fool for more. Just look out . . . because before you know it, the speculative bubble bursts and you’re stuck with a few worthless sheets of paper in your pocket!

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