Disney Putting on Veteran-hiring Workshop in Florida

HeroesWorkHereDisney says it hopes a November 14 event inspires private-sector companies to hire people finishing up their military stints.

The event is free, and is geared toward small- and mid-sized companies who want to build veteran-hiring programs. Speakers will include government officials from the U.S. Labor and Defense Departments, veterans, Disneyites, and non-profit veterans service organizations.

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Disney set a March 2012 goal of hiring 1,000 veterans by 2015; it says that it beat that goal already and is aiming for another 1,000 more. (More on its veteran recruiting here.)


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  1. I say: “Good going, Disney!” They’re making a commitment to hire- not to counsel or advise or train or guide but to HIRE.
    Let’s hope a few hundred other large firms and thousands of smaller ones do likewise, and with meaningful numbers, too.

    Hey, Employers of Choice:
    How many of our honored servicemen and women are YOU committed to hiring?


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