Do Some Job Boards Drive You Crazy? A modest proposal

Even in this brave new age of Twitter and LinkedIn, job boards are a fact of life for most recruiters. But how many times have you thought, “This job board sucks! Why don’t they just <insert your brilliant idea>?” Every day?

Well, I’ve taken the liberty of creating a list you can send to your favorite career site or job board vendor (and if these requests seem foreign to you, then please tell me who you’re using! I’ll switch!)

Don’t make it hard for me to buy: If I want to purchase your services, make it easy. Don’t make me wait to talk to a salesperson if I don’t want to — let me buy online. If I don’t want to pay by credit card, then send me an invoice. And if I do want to talk to someone, please make them honest, intelligent, and understandable!

Don’t make your site hard to use: Listen, my life doesn’t revolve around your job board — really. So make it as easy and obvious to post a job as it would be, say, to buy a book on Amazon. Assume I won’t read your detailed FAQ. If I want to search your resumes, then again, make it easy and powerful. Please.

Don’t make me do all the work: I have a pile of positions to fill. So make your job site send me reminders, or resumes, or pretty much anything — and don’t expect me to remember when my package expires.

Don’t refuse to play others: Even though I may love your job board, it’s probably not the only tool in my recruitment belt. So let me feed my jobs via XML into your board if I want to, ok? And if I use one of those super-cool all-in-one resume and applicant search tools, please try to integrate with it — even if the vendor isn’t helpful. After all, I’m your customer.

Don’t make job posting painful: Sure, everyone has their own personal idea of pain, but forcing all of us to post in exactly the same way is just silly. Give me an option to load in multiple position descriptions. Tie into other tools (see #4, please).

Don’t sell me something every single moment I’m online: Monster and CareerBuilder, I’m talking to you! Interstitials in job boards should be outlawed. And more silly videos that I have to watch? Nope. No thanks.

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Don’t sacrifice speed for ‘gee whiz’: Ok, perhaps I’m shallow enough to be wowed by your latest and greatest ‘feature’ — once. But if that same feature slows down everything else I do on your site, I might just leave and not come back. You don’t want that, do you?

Do listen to me: I realize that recruiters are sometimes not the easiest folks to reach, but occasionally I do have a useful comment. When I do, please listen to me (or at least pretend to)! Who knows — I might have the idea for your next great feature!

Do regularly improve and update your site: Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Apparently not — I’ve worked on job sites that have gone two or three years between revisions. That’s 60 or 70 years in Internet time.

Do give me reporting: How can I justify spending on your site if you can’t give me the numbers I need? Tell me how many times my postings show up, how often they’re accessed, how many applies I receive, how I compare to your other customers … the list goes on and on. If you’re listening to me (see #8), you know what I want.

Jeff Dickey-Chasins is a veteran of the job board, publishing, and e-learning industries. Jeff was the original marketing director for, growing it from $7 million to $65+ million in three years. He has worked with numerous job boards and HR-related sites over the past 20 years. His site can be found at JobBoardDoctor.


7 Comments on “Do Some Job Boards Drive You Crazy? A modest proposal

  1. Do allow me to embed a video into my job ad if I already have one produced.

    Monster and Careerbuilder have little interest in this it seems, but I made a suggestion on HotJobs’ site to allow embedded code in the job ads…so we have the ability to put in a video (hosted on YouTube or equivalent).

    I told HotJobs this would give them a competitve advantage, as video is coming (see Google, Sony Erickson, Enst & Young, etc.) and if we hired someone to produce video (or have someone on staff…I suspect this position will exist in the future in many companies)…then we could get the video on the ad at no additional cost (unlike Monster and Careerbuilder).

    They allow people to rate the suggestions…please go rate it so it becomes more visible to HotJobs.

  2. Thanks Jeff – That made me chuckle. All very good suggestions! Here’s another one:

    Help me make my ads more effective: If you use a search approach that focuses on keywords, tags or a full text search- that’s useful information. Tell me what candidates typically search for on your site, and how I can structure my ad to get more ‘hits’. Let me know if you think I should be posting under a different category.

  3. Great points! And one more for all of them, but MB and CB in particular. Make sure your search results are relevant… on both the job search side and the candidate side!

  4. Good Points Jeff. I would add “do police your website and get rid of the fake jobs, resumes and offensive posts.

  5. All excellent points! I’d add to your #10: “provide consistent reporting.” Don’t just send me an end-of-year summary along with my (greatly increased) renewal package offer. Send monthly reports, analyze the results EACH month, provide a short-list of “areas to increase effectiveness” and make suggestions to get me better results (and not cost more dollars). (At least is what I strive to get for my clients.)

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