Doing It Their Way

The Net Generation is doing it their way, says Kevin Wheeler. And in the next two to five years, social networking is going to be the backbone of recruiting, he promises.

Wheeler also predicts he is “almost 100% certain people will be designing their own jobs” in the coming years.

Yet another reason that companies desperately need to fix their corporate career sites to catch on to future talent.

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Elaine Rigoli has nearly 15 years of experience managing content and community for various B2B and consumer websites. Elaine has written thousands of business and technology articles and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal and eWeek, among other publications.


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  1. I’m still waiting for the flying car…..Weeler’s points were thought provoking but….dues.dues.dues..if there were a way around paying them I’d be the starting shortstop for the Yankees or have Steinbrenner’s job, no? What makes these folks think that straight out of school they have the tools and experience to lead a technical team building the next generation stealth fighter? But, by all means, if they feel thay can do it better…..start your own business and see if you can compete with the big boys. There is always a job that needs to be done and a deadline that needs to be met. With workforce planning in the sorry state that it now resides in……my thoughts are that bidding a contract…winning it and then going out to put the talent together piecemeal is not quite the way to go about making a good ROI for my company. I could be wrong.

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