Don’t Hire BOB

Unemployment is at record low levels. Corporate growth and the stock market appear healthy; job hopping is in vogue. As the first quarter of the year 2000 gets underway, recruiting remains prominent on the corporate radar screen. Hiring managers are generating numerous requisitions both for replacements and to fill newly created positions. Corporate recruiters are straining under increasing workloads, and the pressure is on to get positions filled faster and faster. The pace of business demands it, CEOs and corporate board members (who now acknowledge recruiting as a key strategic function) require it, and the “here-today/hired elsewhere tomorrow” candidates dictate it. But, don’t succumb to the pressure and make a hire just to bring a Body On Board – that is, don’t hire BOB. Although BOB will close another open requisition, it’s a short-sighted and often short-term solution. Recruiting speed alone isn’t enough – it’s the match that counts. It’s no secret that a candidate who is well matched to his or her position will contribute sooner, contribute more and stay longer. Great recruiting is directly linked to high retention, and makes everyone a hero.

  • The corporation spends less on recruiting and training, and reaps the benefits of a loyal and productive workforce.
  • Managers can distribute their workload equitably and efficiently amongst a stable and experienced team.
  • Corporate recruiters can manage the ebb and flow of position requisitions with low percentages of “boomerang recruiting.”

So how can you attain speed while enjoying high retention rates? How can you compress hiring cycle time (in response to the prevailing pressures) yet have, in that compressed time period, meaningful candidate information from which to make an excellent recruiting decision? These are not mutually exclusive, nor purely theoretical. It is achievable through the gathering of recruiter-driven information and the strategic automation of parts of the recruiting process. Recruiter-Driven Information

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Recruiters have been accustomed to responding to candidate-driven information, traditionally in the form of resumes. Candidates tell their stories in a variety of formats, rife with “spin.” Initial candidate assessment then requires a great number of recruiter-hours to sort, sift and compare before even arriving at a qualified applicant short list. It’s often in this part of the process that BOB starts to look really good. Powerful new tools can provide recruiter-driven information that speeds the recruiting process and provides a more accurate profile of each candidate. Skills-based questionnaires enable recruiters to find out what they need to know. Candidates respond to skills-based questions with data on what they can do, not just what they’ve done (as in resume-representation). Through Internet technology, new hiring management systems hasten automatic short-lists of candidates who did the work of pre-screening themselves. Before many recruiter-hours are logged, a pre-screened short list can be automatically assembled. The first part of the recruiting process can swiftly flow into the assessment and interview stage – with BOB nowhere in sight. Getting a Body On Board-hiring – BOB – is a poor response to any company’s recruiting needs and runs counter to everyone’s macro goals. By utilizing effective recruiter-driven tools and leading edge technology, recruiters can make significant contributions to their company’s success. With an efficient and effective recruiting process, you won’t hire BOB!

Alice Snell is vice president of Taleo Research. The specialty research practice analyzes the best practices and economics of talent management. Taleo Research focuses on critical issues and key trends in talent management that impact organizational performance. Taleo Research is the strategic research division of Taleo, which provides on demand talent management solutions for organizations of all sizes, worldwide.


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