Doug Beabout – on Researcher Training

Doug Beabout feels that as the candidate pool shrinks, competition to reach candidates first is fierce, and a Researcher, properly trained, can help recruiting professionals win the battles!

Doug brings over twenty-nine years of expertise in personal top billings, personnel services firm ownership, and industry training. His tenure in recruiting has resulted in his personal success at building four highly successful recruiting and executive search businesses. A board member and advisor to NAPS and many leading recruiting associations; his reputation for training excellence has placed him, repeatedly, as a guest speaker for many state, regional and private recruiter associations, NAPS, ACSESS (Canada), NPA ( U.S., Asia, Australia) and IPA. He trains recruiters worldwide in the unique and leading edge ECourse, Art of the Recruiting Masters at and

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Doug’s colleague, Mark Berger will present a class on Technology Focused Candidate Sourcing and Research. This ECourse added feature combines both the traditional and technological tools of research. This powerful combination creates the most unique and comprehensive Researcher Training opportunity in existence!


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  1. Even with a quantum shift in the employment picture and many service businesses going away along with the “collapse of Financial” this video identifies a very specific need in our industry. Clients demand an exact match to the requirement when putting out 30% or more to fill the critical need.

    Personally, I’m working harder and smarter than ever, as I have to deliver only the Best of the Best and that means exacting efforts at sourcing level simply because of the numbers of resumes on the internet. I just can’t read them all and I better do a superior job of qualfying or my clients have a large number of firms with excellent reputations to turn to.

    Note: will go live Jan. 15, 2009 after all legal Due Diligence is completed. Currently I perform search as JA Search & Consulting here in Fl. Thankfully, I have been successful in this industry to some degree since 1989.

    Thanks for the comments Doug. Positive Reinforcement helps to keep me on the phone and performing difficult tasks even when my eyes are ready to fall out and my voice has waned!

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