Down-Under Gen X Bosses the Best, Survey Shows

In a new survey among 2,000 Australian workers, an overwhelming 67% showed their loyalties to working for a Generation X-born boss.

In the survey, those born between 1961 and 1981 were cited as more confident leaders, fans of flexible workplaces, and adept at using technology to improve business.

Recruitment firm Talent2‘s survey also shows that 37% think the Australian workplace is changing for the better because of Generation X managers.

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“Those aged between 46 and 26 have a totally different skill set to previous generations, and in terms of employees, working for them certainly has its benefits,” Talent2’s general manager Laura Mabikafola told the Melbourne Herald Sun.

“Work-life balance, people skills, and the idea of working smarter, not longer are ideals that appeal to this generation,” she said.

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  1. I very sceptical of such vast generalisations with respect to generations. Don’t all workplaces benefit when they promote/hire more confident, flexible and technology-savy bosses, regardless of which year they were born?

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