E-Verify and Other Recruiting Tidbits

In no particular order, here are some bits and bytes of recruiting news that made it to our inbox this week.

First, the headlines:

  • A publicist for business law firm Proskauer Rose LLP reminds us that Sept. 8th is the deadline for federal contractors to sign up and use E-Verify, if they want to continue being federal contractors;
  • CareerBuilder lit a match to BrightFuse, the business community site it launched 18 months ago, issuing a press release officially announcing it. At the same time, CareerBuilder released a survey saying 45 percent of employers have used social networking sites to research job candidates.
  • Australia’s leading high-salary job board — www.sixfigures.com.au — introduces a new look and expanded career content today for its dues paying, high earning members. It’s also putting more news and content on the outside of the login wall.


This is the electronic employment verification program the U.S. Department of Homeland Security operates. If you haven’t used it, chances are you eventually will, since the government is slowly expanding its mandatory use and has made its voluntary use very attractive to employers.

The program is free and (mostly) insulates employers from legal sanctions for hiring undocumented workers if they have verified I-9 information through E-Verify.

Come Sept. 8th, federal contractors will be required to use E-Verify if their contracts exceed $100,000. Their subs, if they earn more than $3,000, will also have to use E-Verify. President George Bush first ordered the program in 2008, but between presidential extensions and a lawsuit, the implementation deadline kept getting pushed until Sept. 8th, a date expected to actually stick this time.


This is CareerBuilder’s version of Facebook for business. Instead of content a job seeker may come to regret, BrightFuse offers a place for your face in a pantsuit. It’s a professional profile that can be used in place of a standard resume. Recruiters will like it since the data is neatly structured, making it conveniently available for digital capture.

It clearly shows a LinkedIn influence, what with the section for contacts and another for recommendations and the ability to create and join interest groups. It also has taken some cues from Facebook, allowing user to add Twitter feeds and RSS feeds to blogs. There’s also a tab for a portfolio to showcase work and a way to export elements of a BrightFuse profile to Facebook. Though with the CareerBuilder survey showing just how fast employers have embraced online backgrounding for candidates, some job seekers may want to keep their BrightFuse profile separate.


I can’t tell you much about this relaunch, except to report what was in the press release I got the other day. Here’s what it says about the site that may already be live when you read this:

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“Due to growing demand by high salary earners for more specific career and industry related content, Six Figures is meeting demand by catering for additional aspects of a professional’s career, with career development, directorships, education and industry news forming a part of its extended offering. “

According to the PR, SixFigures has about 25,000 members, a seemingly small number until you consider that the entire labor force in Australia is only 11.2 million. How many of them pay the AU$66 a year wasn’t disclosed.

Incidentally, since the press release came from Australia, which is on the other side of the International Date Line, it wasn’t clear until today whether the new site’s launch date was Aug. 21 in Australia or in the U.S. It’s today, using the North and South American time zones.

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4 Comments on “E-Verify and Other Recruiting Tidbits

  1. As a background checking company that services clients throughout the United States, we have been receiving numerous inquiries about the electronic E-Verify, which we provide. People ask if it is easier to do it electronically through a designated agent. To answer this question, we explain there is some lead time to set up the account. Different questions need to be asked of the client, size of the workforce, etc. We must create a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the client to sign, which we return then to the USCIS.

    But once we are through with the setup process, the rest is pretty simple and straightforward. The positives are that your E-Verify integrates with your candidate’s additional background checks. The negative is that it cost a few bucks, where if Human Resources chooses to do it themselves there is no cost but labor.

    In any event, inquiries have increased and sign ups, be it through designated agents or E-Verify directly will increase dramatically. Within the next twelve months any company conducting business with the federal government will be loathe to not be participating in the E-Verify system.

  2. In fact, I just sent a client info about E-Verify last night. I’m from Arizona, where employers use of E-Verify was mandated by the state last year; the SmartSearch ATS was one of the first to add E-Verify integration because many of our clients in AZ and other states were asking for it.

    The integration took nearly six months to code and get Certified by the Federal government, we had to pass a number of tests and complete a lengthy validation process in order for our application to be compliant with the E-Verify program and better serve our clients where it had been mandated under State law. The SmartSearch integration with the E-Verify system further streamlines hiring and I-9 compliance processes, which helps employers maintain a legal workforce, improves the accuracy of wage and tax reporting, and virtually eliminates Social Security mismatches.

    In the last 12 months, we’ve seen the use of this integration grow exponentially — we think E-Verify is here to stay.

  3. I second (and third) Sylvia and Gordon’s sentiments that the number of inquiries regarding E-Verify has jumped significantly in recent months. While it’s an undeniably hot topic, I think a lot of confusion remains around it as to who will be affected and how.

    A number of our clients were concerned about what impact this would have on business. In response, we put together a white paper to help navigate any confusion. Anyone that wants a quick run-down of what exactly E-Verify is, who’s required to participate, as well as how to register for participation can check out the document here http://bit.ly/SGs9A

    I’d be interested in hearing any feedback other community members have, regarding the content and/or how their own company has reacted to E-Verify. caitrin.osullivan@icims.com

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