Edelman’s New Careers Video Stars 8 Really Cool Employees

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 2.36.41 PMI don’t know Edelman’s Cassel Kroll — VP of digital media strategy — but I know he looks really cool in a hat. So does Jimmie Stone, EVP and creative director.

They and a half-dozen other employees of PR giant Edelman star in this new video about working at Edelman. Edelman’s global and U.S. marketing teams came up with the idea for the video, and made it in about three weeks. The goal was to showcase the variety of new sorts of jobs that recent hires are doing at the firm.

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It’s a bit more than two minutes, below.


3 Comments on “Edelman’s New Careers Video Stars 8 Really Cool Employees

  1. Really, the most exciting they could come up with ? yaaaawwwnnn is all I can say. Although I acknowledge getting it right and with the right balance, this is really mediocre and I had so hoped given who they are and their industry that they had come out with something a little more wow. Instead it leaves a rather damp impression.

  2. Edelman: Why is there zero evident diversity in your video? What message does that send to diverse job seekers?

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