EEOC Honing in on Disparate Impact

The U.S. EEOC will be “looking very, very closely at disparate impact issues,” the agency’s chair Naomi Earp said a few minutes ago here at the big ILG conference in Anaheim.

President Bush appointed Earp, a single mother of a teenage son, to her current term in 2005.

She says the “agency has no illusion” that it can tackle all of its huge workload. Instead, it hopes to bring about workplace change through disparate impact cases. Expect the EEOC to focus specifically on technology and tests used by employers in the hiring process.

Also, Earp:

–Says that people with some Asian and African accents are sometimes “viewed as put-offs.” People dwell on the fact that they’re Japanese-Americans or another nationality and ignore the content of their words.

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–Says Hispanics see this as “our time” and expect to be taken very seriously.

–Gets a kick out of a new Bloomberg flex-scheduling policy that coincides with a lawsuit against the company.

–Lashed out at those who believe “corporations are inherently evil.”

–Says, not-so-jokingly, of the EEOC: “The one thing we do really well is prosecute employers.”


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