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Behind the Front Lines (EMA, 2000): A Daily Journal of the Talent Warriors The closing keynote speaker at the Employment Management Association Conference in Orlando this week was Michael McNeal, formerly of Cisco staffing fame, who billed himself as the VP of Practical Application, Product Reality and Industry Evangelism. For those who had attended any of the nearly 30 conference sessions, Michael’s message about learning who your target audience is, where they are and how to go out to get them was not only entertaining but reinforced the conference’s educational offerings about the future course of corporate recruiting. Despite all the creative examples he provided, Michael credited his intense focus on demographic analysis, workforce planning, marketing principles and measuring things that really matter (just track the rest) as the real keys to Cisco’s continued success in helping drive the company business plan. A few of the personal gems we picked up wandering the booths and halls this week included:

  • An interesting new service planned by Landon Media Group which will allow a “job title” search to produce a listing of the top locations in the US where these folks might reside.
  • Of the growing number of HR related sites dedicated to helping folks sort out the resources available and provide practical content from industry veterans, HR.com will be one to watch.
  • Sitting on a bus Thursday evening with a very personable young professional was a real eye opener. At first I mistook her for a first time conference attendee learning the basics. I should have suspected something when I noted her conference badge covered up her company’s name and then she started asking questions much deeper than most veterans. She had come to the conference with a mission – first, to see if her company (famous name) really was as far ahead of the curve as she thought (reality check) and second, to hire 5 more world class recruiters to add to the 60 who work for her now and live wherever they please. She hired 2 and extracted promises from several folks to help her network to the rest.
  • A well deserved honor bestowed on Preston Edwards by the EMA Foundation for his long-term contributions to the recruiting profession. Preston publishes Black Collegian and launched the magazine’s online component as well as Minorities’ Job Bank. His newly launched gateway to these sites is iMinorities.com. By the way, the EMA Foundation raised over $100,000 for its work to support research and education and to reward creative, quality programs like school-to-work.

My partner, Mark Mehler, and I enjoyed EMA and plan to continue our journal at Kennedy’s e-Cruiting Conference in Las Vegas (http://www.keendeyinfo.com, seminars@kennedyinfo.com), the IDG/ComputerworldTechnical Recruiter Conference in Orlando, and SHRM’s mega conference in Las Vegas. Let us know whether the journal’s comments are worthwhile for you (or let the folks who have pushed these missives to you know). Good hunting

Gerry and Mark

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