Employees’ Plans to Stay at Their Jobs — U.S. vs. Europe vs. Asia/Pacific

There’s “no way” I’ll stay at my job through year’s end, more than 1 in 10 European employees say.

Around the world, the consulting firm BlessingWhite found that people just seem less interested than they used to be in sticking around. A year ago, 65% “definitely” planned on staying through the end of the year. Now, 58% are ready for that sort of commitment. Below are the survey results.

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Assuming you have a choice, do you plan to remain with your organization through the 2008 year?
North America Europe Asia-Pacific
60% – yes, definitely 49% – yes, definitely 54% – yes, definitely
32% – probably 41% – probably 39% – probably
7% – no way 11% – no way 7% – no way


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