Employers and Recruiters Partnering in Harmony

 Guest post by Jim McGrath, The EMAC Group

As the president of my recruiting firm, I have great relationships with many of my clients. We partner in the true sense of the word; that is, they expect I will give them quality results in a timely fashion and I expect them to give me a fair price for my work. 

That being said, there are times when a prospective client doesn’t know my company very well, or the recruiting and staffing business in general. More than likely, they have heard negative things or had negative experience and unfortunately my employees and I bear the brunt of this unfortunate happenstance. 

What can we do to truly partner and move forward in this instance? 

A good relationship with a recruiter can give you: 

– Reduction in overall hiring costs;

– Proven methodologies, recruiting techniques and sourcing that yield above average response;

– Experienced, successful and skilled recruiting personnel with years of industry knowledge;

– Enhanced interview activity levels;

– Improved industry visibility, increased market share and profitability;

– Qualified prospect leads. 

What I have found in my xx years in the recruiting business is that employers can have the best of both worlds, provided they create a good partnership with just one or two recruiting and staffing companies. What does that mean? 

1.     Tell your potential recruiting and staffing partners honestly and exactly what your needs, budget and time restraints are; they will tell you what a fair price is for the work.

2.     Compare this to a few other companies you are looking at and choose just one or two that are in line with your needs.

3.     Help your partner to understand your industry if you feel there are knowledge gaps. This can save valuable time and money for you both.

4.     Understand your recruiter’s business too. Ask questions if you don’t understand something they are doing or the way they do it.

5.     Bidding with multiple firms is not a good partnership strategy. This practice kills the motivation to recruit and causes the low quality, pressured sales approach. It’s not meant to be a race to find the Ideal Candidate for you; it’s meant to be careful and strategic – and permanent.

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6.     Let your partner be the expert they are. Believe they are doing the best job possible for you. Does it matter that they found an Ideal Candidate on monster.com because you could have done it? The point is, the outcome has gotten you an Ideal Candidate, who is pre-screen and qualified. More often than not, good firms don’t use that as a sourcing strategy.

7.     Lastly, have a vested interest in creating a great partnership. Talk about any issues, but to summarily dismiss a recruiter doesn’t do anyone justice unless it’s just too big a faux pas. 

Just like any partnership, it takes time and involvement and a good deal of fine-tuning to create perfect harmony. Trust that with a little bit of work up front, on the back end you will have smooth sailing. 


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