Employment Communications Firm Changes Name, Positioning

JWT, the specialized communications firm which partners with clients such as: Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing, AT&T Wireless, Nissan, and Compaq, announced that it has changed its name to JWT Inside. The name change coincides with a shift in the firm’s strategic positioning and an internal structural change. JWT, which has been known for its communications programs tailored towards the recruitment of external candidates, intends to offer more comprehensive communications programs targeted toward internal employees as well.

The press release from the company states that employers are looking to align their internal and external communications and branding strategies as a way to drive employee engagement and increase productivity. The firm’s name change, positioning shift, and structural changes are designed to meet changing client needs. JWT Inside will be led by Jerry Touslee, as its president over North America, and Peter Womersley, as managing director for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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