ERE Acquires The Fordyce Letter; Expands Third-Party Coverage

ERE Media, Inc. has acquired The Fordyce Letter, the leading subscription newsletter for the third-party recruiting profession.

Paul Hawkinson, founder and editor of The Fordyce Letter since 1980, will retain full editorial control over the monthly publication.

“I have entertained a number of offers for The Fordyce Letter over the years but, until ERE Media, none have passed my muster nor have they offered the synergism I required for our valued subscribers. ERE Media more than meets my requirements,” Hawkinson wrote in a letter to subscribers.

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Known as the gold standard for independents, most in the industry are familiar with The Fordyce Letter for its focus on issues such as closing candidates, recruiter compensation, collecting fees, and the legal challenges faced by independent recruiters.

As nearly one-third of ERE’s website subscribers describe themselves as third-party recruiters, ERE’s chief executive officer David Manaster (also see his blog entry) says he hopes The Fordyce Letter will supplement the menu of products, services, and offerings to provide balanced coverage for both sides of the profession.

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1 Comment on “ERE Acquires The Fordyce Letter; Expands Third-Party Coverage

  1. Let me be one of the first to congratulate ERE on its acquisition of TFL, and to wish Paul Hawkinson, the senior statesmen of professional recruiters, all the best in his new role as ambassador to an entire industry.

    I?ll admit, at first, Paul?s notice that TFL had been acquired by ERE was a shock at best. I called Paul to express my views about this seemingly unlikely union.

    My concerns would surprise no one. While ERE affords third-party recruiter participation in network groups and blogs, it has done precious little to embraced them as equals. As an example, in August 2005 I aggressively encourage ERE to engage TPR?s as authors of ?Articles?; which at the time was the exclusive domain of mostly Vendors, and a few from corporate HR. Today, three of twenty-one, or fifteen percent, of the contributors are TPR?s?an improvement.

    TFL on the other hand, with its mission of advocacy of third-party recruiters and often harsh critic of corporate HR, was also a frequent critic in its own community. Where recruiters appear to be the largest contributors, Paul has always welcomed the thoughtful editorial input and contributions of all comers from any venue.

    I think there is reason for hope that ERE, through its association with The Fordyce Letter will create a more balanced alignment in participation by all stakeholders. I wish both Paul and his new associate?s fair winds and following seas on this new venture.

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