ERE Heads to Atlanta This Fall With a Focus on Quality

ERE15Fall-banner-364x189The agenda for ERE’s fall October 26-28 conference in Atlanta is quickly coming together, and in addition to a heavy-duty lineup of talent-acquisition leaders, there’ll be an emphasis on networking with your TA-leader peers.

The format’s different than a lot of events, including all other ERE conferences over the past 15 years. The first day features mainly 20-minute sessions, where leaders of talent-acquisition departments will talk about their own experiences and accomplishments. On day 2, you’ll spend much of the day in interactive, 20-minute blocks to hear about yours and your peers’ own challenges and concerns.

Throughout the event, held next to CNN in Atlanta, you’ll also have the chance for very small group meetings with speakers, which you’ll schedule during lunch, a break, or even during a session.

All in all I want you to walk away with not only a lot of new information, but a lot of new LinkedIn connections.

The speaker lineup, which we’re still putting the finishing touches on, is packed with leaders like:

  • Jeff Ma, member of the famed MIT blackjack team and inspiration for the film 21 (now with Twitter)
  • Johnson & Johnson’s VP of Talent Acquisition
  • GE’s TA Leader
  • Northrop Grumman’s Director of Talent Acquisition
  • IBM Watson’s VP of Human Resources
  • Hilton Worldwide’s VP of Global Recruitment
  • ADP’s VP of HR Strategy and Planning
  • Monsanto’s Director of Talent Acquisition
  • IFF’s Global Director of Talent Acquisition
  • Cognizant’s VP of Talent Acquisition
  • Our own Rob McIntosh, ex-TA leader from companies like McKesson and Microsoft

and the topics are the ones you’ve told me in personal calls, meetings, or surveys you want, including:

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  • Running remote departments
  • Increasing your budget
  • Candidate experience and quality
  • Hiring for quality/future potential with the company and not just to fill a job req
  • Moving the needle on quality of hire
  • Turning around your lagging department
  • Rapid growth
  • Increasing speed, accuracy and quality

and many more. That’s just a sample.

Check out the conference site for the event near CNN to read more about the speakers, the discussions, and the topics. It’s going to be a different kind of event. I’d love to see you there. Ask me questions (, 212-671-1181, 806) any time about the content or the small group meetings I mentioned above.

Also, make sure to register by Friday, June 19th and take advantage of our $400 early bird discount.


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