ERE Webinar: Forgotten Potential of Recruitment Advertising

Join in this webinar hosted by Megan Stanish and Shawnee Irmen as they teach you how to capture and … HOLD a candidate’s attention. In this StartDate Labs-sponsored webinar, you will be taking home information that is absolutely critical to better your understanding of how to tailor your marketing to first captivate your potential candidate, and then, the tricky part, keeping your candidate. As we all know, there is almost nothing more discouraging then trying to recruit again for that position it just took you six months to fill. Take home these tips and more from today’s webinar:

  • How to better tailor/modify your marketing content to attract the candidate who you not only want, but also need.
  • Understanding that the “candidate” is far more then just a title; they are a living breathing person with ambitions, goals, and needs
  • How to better understand the candidate, and in doing so, guarantee a much stronger and longer lasting professional relationship with them
  • And so much more!!

Date/Time of Webinar: May 1, 2014, at 2 p.m. EST

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