ERE’s Beta Community Site is Live — Tell Us How to Make It Better!

The ERE team has been working on the next evolution of our community for months, and today we’re ready to show it off!

There’s a preview up at, and we’re looking for your feedback on how to make it better before we go live on the main

So what’s new? Here are some of the highlights:

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  • Easier to use. You will find it easier to post discussion messages, and you’ll be able to add links, pictures and HTML without jumping through hoops.
  • Threaded Discussions. To make it easier to follow conversations in the longer threads, all the discussions are now threaded.
  • Community voting. We’re testing a new voting system for determining which discussion messages are most valuable to readers.  The best content will be voted up to the top of threads by the community.
  • Activity Feed. There is now a central activity feed for all activity on the ERE Network, so it will be easier to see where the action is!
  • Blogs. Every person in the ERE Network now has a Blog! Blog posts will have more prominence within the community, and we are working on integrating the best posts into the main feed on our home page to highlight the best content created by ERE members.
  • ERE Forum. We’re bringing back the ERE Forum — a single, central place to post messages where everyone can see them without joining the smaller, specialized, groups.
  • Following. Everyone has their favorite contributors on the network, and we’ve made it easier for you to follow just the ERE Members that you want, so you can see their content anywhere on the Network! This will replace the notion of “friends”, which as several members pointed out does not have a lot of practical use.

Why are you still reading this? Go kick the tires over at the preview site, and don’t be afraid to post messages to test it, because messages posted on the preview site will not appear on the main

Let us know in the feedback thread what you would change about it before we go live – we’re listening!

ERE Media, Inc. CEO David Manaster continues to learn about recruiting every day. His first job in the profession was way back in 1997, and he founded ERE Media the following year. Today, David spends his time thinking up new ways that ERE can serve the recruiting community. You can follow David on Twitter or email him at david(at)


5 Comments on “ERE’s Beta Community Site is Live — Tell Us How to Make It Better!

  1. Love the posting enhancements (links, etc)
    Groups feel clunky – is there a way to search them like before?
    Like the whistle noise-not sure where I heard it but I did.
    Is there a spellchecker on the site? I missed it if there was.
    On the activity page it says someone posted spomething but it does not say where -can you include where?

    I’ll keep kickin’ tires…

  2. Thanks for taking the time and for the feeedback, Maureen!

    Re: Groups feeling clunky – Are you referring to the page at ? If so, we’re not really happy with it yet, but it is searchable by keyword. How can we make the page less clunky and more useful?

    Re: whistle noise – That ding is the sound when the live feed updates dynamically. I’m still on the fence as to whether or not I like it or it is annoying. It will depend on the user feedback!

    Re: Spell Checking – This is a feature that is incorporated into the newer web browsers and I don’t see many sites that are building it in. I’ll talk with Jim about it and see what we come up with.

    Re: mystery postings on the activity feed – Every item there should have a link, and if there is one without a link it’s probably a bug. Do you have an example that you noticed? I’m looking now and don’t see any.

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