‘Exploding’ at the Fall ERE Conference

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 3.02.46 PMA few things heard and overheard in the hallways, walkways, and byways of the fall ERE conference in Chicago, or floating around the Internet and social media this week:

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  • Recroup has been used to make a hire for the first time, by the Royal Bank of Canada. Recroup (whose current offering is explained here) is aiming to move into the business of social-media aggregation (which includes some of the companies mentioned here). But, unlike some other social-media aggregators, Recroup would like to handle all jobs, not focus just on IT. It’d also like to partner with job boards, placing an API on their sites.
  • Remember those “pay-per-applicant” ads I mentioned in the spring? The CEO, Chris Forman, of the company behind them, AppCast, says the company is “exploding” with growth.
  • How about Goood Job: remember them? (No, that’s not a misspelling; that’s how the company does it.) While some competitors in the referral-technology genre have gone bye-bye, this one has not. EMC (in India) and Fidelity (in London) are among the companies that have recently signed on with Goood Job.
  • You may know that Glassdoor hired Will Staney, previously at SAP/SuccessFactors, as a talent-acquisition leader. You may not know it’s bringing on Mariah Deleon as VP of people. Meanwhile, it’s readying a launch of a new feature on its website (more info coming on ERE.net), and in one of the talent-acquisition field’s worst-kept secrets, is working on an IPO.
  • One startup you may not know: Toronto-based Ideal Candidate, matching salespeople with employers. Job seekers and top performers already on the payroll take a 20-minute assessment to measure compatibility. It’s another company in that social-job-matching genre that Charles Handler, who’s moderating a session Thursday about employee assessments, recently wrote about.
  • Another startup I’ve heard about recently: Coffee. It’s an app (see FAQs) for entry-level job candidates, employees, and interns to meet hiring managers, company founders, and other job seekers and employees.


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  1. Thanks Todd. Good stuff. It’s great to see so many new talent acquisition technologies gaining traction. I attended a startup event this past weekend as an investor and came away really excited about some of the ideas. It reminds me a bit of the late 90s but, because of significantly more favorable cost structures for developing and hosting platform independent applications, I think a significantly higher percentage of these startups will find their niches and be successful. ERE has been a great resource for staying on top of a rapidly changing vendor landscape.

    Doug Friedman
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    1. Goood Job seems to be gaining some traction. At lunch a recruiting director told me that for months she’s been hoping to get it. Interestingly, she said some of her employees don’t use email much, but they’d use a mobile app.

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