Express’ Bday Present

For its 25th anniversary, Express does its part to banish the word “personnel” from the business lexicon.

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3 Comments on “Express’ Bday Present

  1. No opinion, just thought it might be of minor interest to people who come across the company name and were curious, “is that same company as Express Personnel?”

  2. I LOVE reading CEOs quotes about how their navel-gazing will change the world. I have bought SO much more Nike stuff since the “swoosh” and the whole idea of Miller beer and cigarettes is SO much more palatable since they changed the name to Altria..Or,wait, is that a new medicine for restless brain syndrome? Dear Shareholders, I have voted myself a 20 million share bonus this year for renaming our bank from 5th 3rd to 6th 4th Bank. This brilliant move has allowed us to increase our deposits by 20.2 million dollars.”

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