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Hotels, resorts, casinos, cruise ships, restaurants ? as well as parent companies of these various organizations ? employ everyone from bellhops to bookkeepers to keep the customer satisfied. Hospitality jobs are essential to supporting travel and tourism, which the Travel Industry of America (TIA) calls the nation’s largest services export industry. The organization puts 1999 travel expenditures in the U.S. at $541.1 billion. It takes a lot of folks to take care of all these travelers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hotels, lodging, and other places employed over 1.8 million people in the United States in 1998. And that’s just a portion of the people employed in the segment of the services industry that also serves food and beverages. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that 5.4 million people served meals and drinks in 1998. In addition, there were approximately 518,000 managers overseeing restaurant and food service operations during this time period. A Complete Menu From hourly to executive positions, you’ll find a full range of jobs posted at Hospitality Online. A job seeker visiting the site can elect to look at either “Management Jobs” or “Hourly Jobs.” Each category has three ways to view the listings: “Browse by Position,” “Browse by Company,” or “Browse by Location.” The “Browse by Position” page is divided into four sections: “Hotels/Resorts,” “Restaurants,” “Corporate” and “Clubs.” There are a variety of listings under each heading. “Hotels/Resorts,” for example, includes “General Manager,” “Food & Beverage,” “Catering” and “Chefs/Kitchen.” But “Sales & Marketing,” “Finance,” “Human Resources” and “Engineering” are also among the job categories. Selecting an employment classification leads to all current postings within that category. Choosing a job from the list returns a detailed description of the position, along with application details. Hospitality Online is user friendly for both job seekers and employers. In addition to the site’s easy-to-use search options, a job seeker can sign up for “Hospitality Hound” and receive email notification regarding relevant jobs. The site also offers employers a number of conveniences, including job templates for more than 350 hospitality management positions to facilitate postings, and several options as far as posting packages. <*SPONSORMESSAGE*> A Site For Veep And Sous Hospitality Jobs Online lets job seekers view jobs by company or state. The site also features a “Classified Section” where select management jobs are posted. There are 19 management categories in the “Classified Section” which includes “Accounting,” “Corporate,” “Culinary,” “Food & Beverage,” “Marketing” and “Sales.” A wide variety of positions can also be found at the site. Recent postings included a “Chief Financial Officer,” several listings for “Sous Chef” and a “VP Sales & Marketing.” A job seeker has the option of submitting a resume to the site’s database. Although the resume database is not available for online searching by employers, HJO.net will attempt to match resumes in the database with job postings and forward them to the appropriate employers. An employer or recruiter can post jobs at the site in the “Classified Section,” or create a profile page that can be accessed from the site’s company and state listings categories. A profile page can include available jobs and/or a link to a corporate Web site. If a company elects to advertise using both a profile page and a classified ad, a link to the classified ad will appear on the profile page. A Full Range Of Choices A recent visit to Hospitality Careers Online indicated that the site had over 5,700 new jobs posted in the last 45 days. A job seeker wishing to access postings begins by choosing to “Search Canada,” “Search USA,” “Search UK,” “Search Australia & NZ” or “Search World.” Although there are jobs in other regions, a recent search for jobs in the USA returned over 4,500 listings in “Industry Categories” that include “Casino,” “Cruise Ship,” “Hotel/Resort” and “Restaurant.” With “Position Categories” such as “Accounting/Finance,” “Catering/Convention Services,” “Gaming,” and “Sales & Marketing,” a person can narrow a search even further. Other filters include “Management” and “Target Location.” There is also a “Keyword Search” box. Once job criteria are entered, a list of positions is returned. Selecting a job leads to a description. Registered job seekers may apply online. A job seeker can also post a resume online. In addition, a “Resume Detective” service is available for a 45-day period. The service matches jobs to a resume and notifies a candidate via email. All site services are free to the job seeker. For a registration fee, employers have the ability to post an unlimited number of jobs, access resumes, and utilize the “Resume Detective” service. Registration fees are based on timeframes and the number of units for which a company recruits. Profile pages and custom job banks are upgrades to the standard packages and carry additional fees. Entr?e Vous While Hcareers.com is primarily an employment site, it also contains links to associations, publications, and universities and colleges that can lead to candidates. There are organizations and publications specific to particular segments of the industry, as well as some that are focused geographically. When searching for hospitality candidates, make sure you book time at sites such as these that can serve up results.

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