Facebook Apps Cover Both Sides of Recruiting Coin

Hire My Friend to Work For Us.

Sorry if that sounds like a weird request, but I just couldn’t resist the verbal mashup of two, sort of new Facebook apps.

The apps address employment from opposite sides, and in that sense, they are sides of the same coin. Hire My Friend helps your Facebook friends spread the word about their job hunt. Work For Us lets employers post their jobs to their Facebook pages.

Now if only there was an app that matched the Work For Us jobs to the friends who want to be hired. Oh wait. There is. Jobvite Source does that for jobs, matching the opportunity to employees and friends and tracking these posts (Jobvites) as they get passed along.

Work For Us is different only in that it doesn’t do any matching or tracking. What it does, and does very well, is to post job openings to a company Facebook page, producing a job list that bears a striking resemblance to a bland job board post.

For that you’ll pay $9 a month for five job posts or a few hundred a month for unlimited posts. There’s a free version that lets you post one job at a time.

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TechCrunch, which wrote about this last week, says the Work4Labs, the startup that built the app, has already got 2,000 companies to download the app.

It works this way: You sign-up either as the friend in need or the friend who helps out. Answer a few questions about the job seeker to create a mini-profile, provide a LinkedIn address, and connect it up to your Facebook page (or ask your friend to do so). It creates a status post that notifies your network.

It’s a clever idea, though it will be interesting to see if it gains much traction. I’m thinking there might one or two good friends for whom I might do this, but I sure wouldn’t want my Facebook wall to become a repository of job hunt requests. Of course, if other people take the same kind of care, then Hire My Friend as well as my friend in need benefit from this self-screening. In that way, it’s got the same sort of quality assurance going for it as a traditional employee referral program.

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9 Comments on “Facebook Apps Cover Both Sides of Recruiting Coin

  1. Thanks a lot for the article!

    We are in the process of adding both the matching and the tracking functionalities within the Work For Us app, as well as much more.

    Will keep you posted!

  2. We are using LinkUp to post all of our jobs for free on our http://www.facebook.com/intuitcareers fan page – check it out. They are a service similar to Indeed and SimplyHired but they only scrape jobs from corporate websites – allowing applicants a cleaner view of what is available without all of the duplicates. They also have a way for you to put your company job scrape on your personal facebook page as well. Check with them to see what it cost.

    I have looked at the JobVite demo and it is really cool. I love the matching feature since as a recruiter I am connected to so many folks – it is great that it will help select my connections to send it to that potentially match the role.

  3. Hi Gail,

    The only issue with existing applications like LinkUp is that you only get a list of links (to jobs) on your Fan Page. Candidates cannot read the full job description on Facebook and they are redirected as soon as they click on the job title.

    With Work For Us, candidates have the full experience within Facebook and recruiters can also have their jobs scraped from Indeed (via the “Import jobs” functionality).

    A couple of examples of large clients using the app:

  4. Hi Chloe – thanks for your response to my post…I think there are a lot of exciting things happening with applications like Work With US and JobVite and the other applications that are similar. The key is that as recruiters we know these applications exist, that we all continue to work with the vendors to give our input on what we would love to see as a product feature, etc. In the end, the applicants will have an easier time finding the job they love and hopefully we wil have an easier time finding applicants. Please let me know when your new features are available…we would love to take a look at them.

  5. Hi Gail,

    I totally agree with you. The feedback we have had so far regarding Work For Us is the most valuable source of information for us. For example, many clients have requested the ability to change the tab name (from “Work for us” to “Jobs” for exemple) and we have included that in our Summer developments!

    Will definitely let you know as we roll out our new functionalities.

    Kind regards,


  6. Hi, just wanted to let you know that there is a cool Dutch web application just getting into the market called SocialReferral.com. This allows for automated matching of job posts with your employees’ online networks. Employees can login into a portal where they see the matches and introduce these to there friends on facebook and other media if they see a fit. And ofcourse introduce them to the company as well. For corporates it allows them to see their potential ‘matches’ within their employees’ social networks. This will also be integrated with PeopleXS.com ATS functionality.

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