Facebook-Recruiting Tool Work4Labs Offering Free Version for Smaller Companies

“Free” is the new “paid” in recruiting technology, and Work4Labs is joining that party, offering some of its product at no cost for smaller companies.

Work4Labs, which also announced it got $11 million in new funding, helps companies (like Intel, described briefly here) use Facebook to set up career pages, advertise to candidates, track results, and — as I mentioned last fall — get referrals.

The free version of its product, for small and medium size companies, allows companies to launch Facebook career sites and post jobs on the site, as well as generate referrals. It’ll cost extra to integrate the Facebook data with a company’s applicant tracking system, or to do certain customizations of the Facebook pages.

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Offering either a free version for smaller companies, or a free version for any-size company with extras costing more, has become very popular in the technology field in general, with recruiting no exception.

A handful of the companies we’ve written about that’ve gone this route over the years include CodeEval, SmartRecruiters, Zoho, Jobvite, Get Hiredjob boards, and even LinkedIn.


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  1. Just wanted to chime in and add to the final paragraph that GooodJob (http://gooodjob.com/) also offers a free Facebook careers tab – for companies of ALL sizes.

    With our free careers tab, any organization, big or small, can reach top talent directly from their Facebook pages. They benefit from unlimited job postings, customizable branding tools, multiple candidate touchpoints, and many other great features.

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