Familiar BizDev Face Becoming Advisor to HR/Recruiting Technology Companies

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 3.09.33 PMYou probably know how many startups have recently sprouted up in the talent-acquisition and human resources technology field. Now, those startups, and any other recruiting/HR tech company that wants to grow quickly, have another consultant of their own.

Founder Ethan Bloomfield is likely to announce his new firm today (though when we spoke yesterday afternoon we both agreed may some view this as another April Fool’s joke). He’s a familiar face at talent-acquisition conferences in recent years working in business development roles for companies like JobTarget and ZipRecruiter. The latter will be Bloomfield’s first customer at his new firm.

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Called VitalFew, it’ll help companies with advice on anything from pricing to sales pitches to products to hiring. Bloomfield says he wants to work only with customers whose products he believes in, and wants to give candid (not yes-man) advice on what vendors need to change to better sell to their HR/recruiting audiences.


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