Over on the ERE mother ship, I am thankful that Mo Edjlali took the time to critique this new Fordyce Letter website. Having said this, I whole heartedly disagree with almost everything he says.

We thought long and hard about making the Fordyce Letter recruiting archives available. We worried not so much about those who had no idea that there was even such a thing as the monthly newsletter but rather those who have been paying for it for many years. Would they be pissed off? Would they think that what we were doing was terrible? We did think for a long while about how it would all be taken in. I left a more detailed comment on his post

The idea behind the Fordyce Letter website was to cause awareness to what is considered by many to be the top source for information for third party recruiters. We needed to be able to show recruiters who had never even heard of the Fordyce Letter that not only was there a website with me writing on ( that’s another story) but much more importantly, there was a history of great information and a damn good history at that. We wanted to show this, and over time, the entire Fordyce Letter archive from as far back as we can go will be online. But again, if you want the new stuff every month you have to subscribe.

Stickiness is something that is very important to any website. If the site is not interesting, people don’t spend loads of time on it and over time, they stop coming. For now, I can safely say I am not sure how much more sticky a recruiting site can be. Have a look at the archives and do some searches for articles.

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And Mo, one more thing, I am going to make it easy for you to learn more about the Fordyce Letter. I’ll make sure that you start getting the Fordyce Letter every month for the next year. It’s on us. Hopefully you can come to the Fordyce Forum in June this year and see what the Fordyce Letter is all about.

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  1. If I complain about everything not being free and 30-minutes fresh, will I get a free subscription too?

    Actually, wait, I’m a subcriber already, and I have been for years. How about a 50% discount then.

    Only half kidding.


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