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Were you aware there are two government-sponsored websites available that will allow you to post jobs that target transitioning military? What’s more, the cost to the employer is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! The two sites I am referring to are as follows:

  1. Department of Defense Job Search:
  2. Department of Defense Operation Transition:

First, the DoD Job Search is actually a part of America’s Job Bank, but is specifically targeted to those who are affiliated with our nation’s defense. Employers have the ability to post jobs and set up automated resume searches. You can even search by military rank and occupational specialty code. In addition, you won’t want to forget to post your company’s URL ( so that candidates will be able to find out more information about your company. Operation Transition is another government-sponsored site that boasts more than 10,000 job “want ads” that represent over 30,000 jobs on average. The authority to operate such a service for transitioning military began back in 1991 with the passing of the Defense Authorization Act. It was in anticipation of a significant downsizing of the military and therefore has met a significant need for our service men and women. Also known as the Transition Bulletin Board, the TBB has more than 24,000 employers who use the service — from small businesses to Fortune 500-size companies. The TBB also receives over 30,000 logins from job seekers each month. Both of these sites can be effective tools in finding the right persons to hire. But, like any service there are advantages and disadvantages: Advantages

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  • Cheap. Cheap. Cheap. You can’t get any better price than FREE. So, if you have the time, check these sites out.
  • Traffic. With numbers like “30,000 logins” per month, you are bound to get some action. You can’t catch any fish without your pole in the water!
  • Simple. The process of registering and posting is so easy. Usually the government is known for bureaucratic forms and lines. With the Internet, it’s fast and easy to get started.


  • Too Cheap. It costs nothing and therefore everyone is using it. “24,000 employers” is a lot, which means there is a lot of competition for the same candidates. If you’re fast, you may land a few, but realize the headhunters and other companies are charming your best candidates as well.
  • Basic Functions. The adage, “You get what you pay for,” is appropriate for these sites. Their function is very basic and so does not do the best job of translating military codes and acronyms. If you’re not very military “literate,” then expect to spend some time on self-education. With these basic functions, “time” becomes a big factor in drilling down to your best candidates. There is not much creativity in the programming to help eliminate the exhaustive experience of wading through hundreds of resumes on a regular basis.
  • Best of the Best Reluctance. This service is NOT required by the military for use. In other words, it is completely voluntary, so that only those that want to use it do in fact use it. With something so available and free, many of the best officers and those from the higher level enlisted ranks will not even consider using the system because they prefer a more personal and progressive approach to their career search. They will either go to a more value-added website service and/or seek out a search firm that will give them some personalized attention.

All in all, I think these sites serve a purpose in the field of recruiting. But if you are looking for something a little more, then don’t neglect other methods for hiring military personnel.

Bill Gaul ( is President and CEO of The Destiny Group, an Internet-based recruiting tool that utilizes the latest patent-pending technology (including audio/visual) for organizations to use to source men and women departing the military services. Endorsed by all of the U.S. Service Academy Alumni Associations, and three times selected as one of the "50 BEST" by CareerXRoads, this online system is the easiest and lowest cost method to reach transitioning military worldwide, without a per-head fee.

Bill's articles are Copyright 2001, The Destiny Group.


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