Find Out What Happened With Zappos and Its ‘No Job Postings’ Thing

Remember that whole thing about Zappos getting rid of job postings, unveiled on via a post by then-talent-acquisition-leader Michael Bailen?

If you wonder whatever happened with that, your answer’s in the video below, with Rick Jordan, talent acquisition head at Zappos.

He talks in the seven-minute video below about the “bold move” that Zappos made, what the company learned, and where job applicants are coming from now.

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8 Comments on “Find Out What Happened With Zappos and Its ‘No Job Postings’ Thing

  1. If zappos is choosing to bring back job postings, then that is based on an obvious assumption that the job postings will bring them people they can hire.
    The question/answer was looking for, but may have missed in the video was: “if zappos is bringing back job postings to help fill jobs, then what was fillig the void for the last 18 months?

    1. Hi Derek – We’ve brought back all our job postings becuase research shows that many adults are consistantly reviewiing job boards, subscribing to job alerts and oftern looking for new opportunities withing 100 days of their new job. Over the last few months we tried posting “select roles” based on urgency, we done a ton of sourcing and social efforts – which did help us find solid cnadidates. We just felts we might be missing some great talent, hence why all of our jobs are now featured on our website. Cheers to Core Value #2: Embrace & Drive Change.

  2. Great perspective as usual Todd. Let’s catch up on my next trip out to LA or the next ERE! I still see static job postings as an inefficient advertising medium but I know some in our space are doing things to also push them to the right audience so they are actually seen even by those who aren’t looking for a job and who are not going to Monster or CareerBuilder. Great video.

  3. I enjoyed this update! I think we need to find a different way to post for candidates – it hasn’t changed in 100 years – just went from paper to electronic! We have a similar but different strategy. We have started an “introduce yourself” program in our hospital – not a talent community but a place where candidates can tell us what they want to do and we match them with appropriate openings. We are having some success with this finding people we didn’t know we needed yet!

  4. the zappos insider arena is interesting, probably using a software program to handle the talent profiles generated .. and gives the feeling that whatever you wrote has disappeared into a black hole .. love that they are trying something new though

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