For Business Students Who Want to Work With Cool Products, Mercedes is a Top Choice

Daimler/Mercedes Benz, Apple, and Under Armour have the most attractive/exciting products. At least that’s what business students say in a new survey from Universum, the company with a number of different “ideal-employer” rankings.

This one wasn’t directly a “where-do-you-most-want-to-work” survey. Instead, it asked more than 20,000 business students just about the products.

Among the business students, following those top three — Daimler/Mercedes Benz, Apple, and Under Armour — on the exciting-products list were Louis Vuitton-Dior-Sephora, and then EA, Nike, Disney, Hasbro, International Flavors & Fragrances, and Volkswagen.

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A separate survey of 7,887 engineering students has Bombardier the favorite, Apple in second place, and the Luis Vuitton parent in third. Then comes Daimler, Nike, EA, Bose, BMW, Hasbro, and Starbucks.


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