Fordyce Forum Speaker Hank Stringer on ‘Interesting Times’

These are interesting times — are they times of change?

Our traditional search best practices will be needed and used by clients for some time to come, yet a number of companies and search firms are experiencing recruitment efficiencies and productivity gains that lead to incredible results and savings. Should we expect these gains to transform our current recruiting business models?

As we come out of this “interesting time,” we should expect companies to demand cost savings, better service, and increased talent quality all accomplished better and faster than ever before.

So how do we respond? Do we continue to sell our value? Rely on relationships? Tweak our current models? Make big changes to the traditional recruitment model?

As a recruiter and technology founder, I have seen other “interesting times.”

However, there are results that recruitment organizations and company hiring teams are accomplishing this time that give pause…just what are the most disruptive recruitment business models in business today? Do they work? Are the numbers real?

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I’d like to hear from you. Let me know of disruptive ideas you’ve had, seen, or put into practice or convince me the search firm model will never change — you may be exactly on point. I’m looking forward to sharing and exploring with you all at Fordyce Forum. And thanks for sharing your thoughts.

See you in Vegas!


Hank Stringer is CEO of Stringer Executive Search in Austin, Texas. He has three decades of experience as a successful executive recruiter, consultant, author, industry speaker, and entrepreneur in the creation and use of Internet technology for the recruitment process. Contact him at (512) 904-1038 or Visit his website at


1 Comment on “Fordyce Forum Speaker Hank Stringer on ‘Interesting Times’

  1. Hank,

    Great conversation starter and we are most definitely at a critical inflection point in the evolution of the search business. I have a million ideas on this subject but in an effort to be brief will make just one comment.

    The simple outlook is that companies believe that sourcing talent with aggregate web technologies parallels what mainstream advertisers do and pull their target audience/ candidate pools to their company and in the process fill jobs. Yes this technology casts a wide net, and yes they will get a higher # of resume responses for each posting due to added exposure. However I am very speculative as to if these “cost effective approaches” have 1) true holistic measurable ROI – and not the cop out formula of “we didn’t need a search firm therefore saved yada yada yada… AND 2) truly attract A players. Nonetheless this will be something we will need to combat to elevate our real value as recruiters. I think something the search world will need to become great at is strategically measuring ROI for each client on the candidates we bring to the table/place versus those they source on their own through ‘web magic’. This will take some time to implement though, but in this new HR movement of “technology will save us!”- we need HARD evidence and #s to show value – time to put up or shut up.

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