Fordyce TV: How to Stand Out in Tough Times


Logic, instinct, logic, instinct…

Are those the only skills we need to survive in this economy?

According to Margaret Graziano, who joins the roster of Fordyce TV personalities next Tuesday with the launch of her brand-new show, the answer is a resounding yes!

Though there are several secrets to success, honing these skills are what you need right now to position yourself as an expert, she explains.

“In this battered economy, recruiters need to implement a search, selection, matching, and placement process that utilizes both logic and instinct,” she says.

This Tuesday, February 3, you can’t afford to miss the premiere episode of “A Keen Sense of Recruiting.”

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Get inside her mind and learn how to stand out in tough times — and most importantly, reach the high-level, corporate decision-makers who matter! Margaret, a 22-year top producer in the recruitment industry, will share secrets from her search and selection process, and how these innovations have improved her and can improve placement batting average.

Margaret has been in the sales and recruiting industries since 1983, has made it through three recessions, has owned her own business since 1991, and continues to be an innovator and a leader in the staffing and recruiting industry.

Catch the show this Tuesday, February 3. Log on to at 2pm ET, simply click the television box (no password or any special log-in instructions), and enjoy the show! Stick around after Margaret’s presentation for a live Q&A session via the “chat” box feature (just type in your questions and she will pick as many as she can to answer immediately!).

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