Fordyce TV: Jeff Kaye Talks Hunting and Gathering!


Popular trainer Jeff Kaye, of Next Level Recruiting Training fame, is hosting another episode of Fordyce TV on Tuesday, April 21.

This time, he’ll chat about effective “hunter” client marketing strategies.

(Farmers need not watch!)

In all seriousness, if your call to a new or existing client is to “check in” or “touch base,” you need to watch this.

Jeff jokes that, because the market is so tough, “some companies have no needs, so calling them to ask what needs they have is the equivalent of a General Motors sales rep asking an Amish guy to buy a Hummer!”

The business development strategies that worked in a healthy market simply do not work now, he says.

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“Increasing the numbers of ineffective calls will not solve the problem. Increasing the effectiveness of those calls just might though,” he says.

You will learn new techniques, different approaches, and leave inspired, motivated, and pumped up to attack that marketing plan. So be sure to have a prepared plan ready to go the moment you sign off! In this fast-paced, technique-packed, 30-minute Fordyce TV episode, Jeff will share what presentations do work.

Finally, Jeff will also share a new consulting/market research service that every recruiter can begin offering to your prospects as a way of differentiating yourself from others; best of all, he says, everything you need to offer it is in your possession now!

The show starts promptly at 2pm ET on (right before the show you’ll see a small TV logo — click that box and enjoy the show). There will be a live Q&A session after Jeff’s presentation, too, so come prepared with questions.

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4 Comments on “Fordyce TV: Jeff Kaye Talks Hunting and Gathering!

  1. My team and I would like to watch the training but in South African time when is it and we unfortunately can not all take off at the same time so will it only be aired once only? Thank you. Phumi

  2. We emphasize on having “platinum hours” or “Prime Time” hours to be on the phone but all of these interesting presentations are during those times… how can we justify to pull our teams away from platinum hours to watch the Video?

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