Fordyce TV: Jon Bartos and Recession-Survival Secrets

Join us on Tuesday, April 28 for the premiere of “The Talent Game,” the newest line-up to Fordyce TV.

Renowned speaker and trainer Jon Bartos, president and CEO of Jonathan Scott International, will uncover the truths about the talent market and why your clients need you now — more than ever before.

“We all are hearing the same things today. Hiring freeze; no openings; we are laying off, not hiring; and we need you to reduce your fees based on the market,” say Bartos.

“I’m excited to present on Fordyce TV,” says Bartos. “I want to offer an in-depth understanding of the talent market from our founding fathers of talent differentiation — Jack Welch, Brad Smart, and Peter Drucker.”

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Viewers will also learn:

  • An understanding of the market dynamics for talent today and how to help your clients through this quagmire.
  • Why “A” players are hidden to hiring managers and HR professionals.
  • How to become your clients’ trusted advisor, and why they need to work with YOU as opposed to other alternatives.
  • How to win more business based on talent differentiation.
  • The universal truths of the talent market.

How to view the show: Log on to at 2pm ET on Tuesday, April 28. If you don’t see the TV box when you first log on to the website, try “refreshing” the page, as the TV box ONLY appears right before the show. Then, click the little white arrow on the television box (no password or any special log-in instructions are required) and watch the show. Stick around after the presentation for a live Q&A session via the “chat” box feature.

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