Fordyce TV Launches With Jeff Kaye

Yesterday marked the launch of Fordyce TV, the inaugural episode hosted by Jeff Kaye and sponsored by Sendouts.  Kaye shared some key points for conquering “Recruiter ADD” and becoming as efficient as possible, such as creating time chunks, educating your environment, and more.  After the presentation, he also took some time to answer some great questions from viewers.

See below to watch Jeff’s presentation and keep your eyes on the site for more Fordyce TV in 2009! We apologize for the slight glitch that cut off the first couple minutes of the presentation.

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Brendan is a production manager at ERE Media. While relatively new to the recruiting industry, he is always eager to learn more, especially how technology is changing the industry.


2 Comments on “Fordyce TV Launches With Jeff Kaye

  1. In a down economy, turbulent staffing times…seeing a lot of HR/TM/OD/Recruiter resumes on the viral lists, just listen to Jeff for about 20 minutes and you’ll taste the punch, and work harder! Great job Kaye!.


  2. It’s a shame, and the slightest of nuisance, that these can not be download to be viewed offline, on a plane, on vacation, whatever. Please add that capabilty?

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